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Freedom Health Group offers a common-sense, affordable approach for members to get quality care that is fair and reasonable. For an affordable monthly membership fee, members receive the benefits of having an advocate to help them navigate through the health care maze. This also means negotiating a fair and reasonable price on their behalf to see a specialist or even a surgeon whenever possible. Freedom Health Group is a facility members call their own. They receive quality care from the independent providers operating out of the facility. Applying for membership is quick and simple.

Your Freedom Health Group Membership Benefits Include:

  • The member's monthly fee to receive healthcare through "Direct Care" program
  • Access to affordable dental care
  • Written prescriptions for medication to the pharmacy of your choice
  • Help finding a specialist at a fair and reasonable cost
  • An advocate on your side to help navigate the healthcare system
  • Member's own medical records in one location
  • Convenient hours to work around schedules (same day or next day appointments)
  • Ways to measure, monitor, and manage their health status
  • Affordable massages to help relax and reduce stress levels
  • Providers that will spend time with them and answer their questions
  • Health Incentive Rewards Program
  • Mental health and behavior health counseling

Most Common Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Is this a health insurance plan?
No. Freedom Health Group (FHG) is not a health insurance plan, pre-paid health insurance, or a discount health plan, and does not pay for healthcare services received by the member. It is a membership program that grants access to FHG’s facility. As part of the membership, FHG pays for the monthly fee for the Direct Care program on behalf of its members.

Q:    How can Freedom Health Group offer its membership at a lower cost than others and allow individuals to get quality care that is affordable to use?
A:    Our business model was designed to remove all the non-value added costs out of the delivery of care. We took out the extra charges that other direct care programs charge for lab tests you may not ever need. We also do not deal with insurance companies. We hire individuals that are multi-skilled so that they can handle a wide variety of tasks. This allows them to deliver support services to compliment the independent providers.

Q:    What if I need to be hospitalized or have a catastrophic accident?
A:    Paying for general and routine healthcare through health insurance is expensive. FHG members are able to get quality care for their general health issues and then look at purchasing a high deductible catastrophic health plan (also called catastrophic health insurance or a major medical plan) to cover the heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and surgery health issues. These types of insurance coverage plans are available through most major insurance carriers and cost less than comprehensive health insurance plans.

Q:    Will a membership provide a discount on prescription drugs?
A:    No. FHG is not a prescription drug coverage program, nor does it directly provide discounts on any brand or generic drug labels. FHG, through the help of the healthcare providers, will help the member find options for the lowest cost prescriptions available. The goal of the providers is to help the member eliminate or reduce the amount of prescription drugs being taken while improving the member’s health and reducing the need to spend money on unnecessary drugs.

Q:    Will member services expand as the number of members increases?
A:    Yes! As the number of members increases we will add access to services within the FHG facility where possible, at a fair and reasonable price.

Right to Cancel

A 12-month membership commitment allows Freedom Health Group to provide and ensure the advocate services are available for members to locate and negotiate fair and reasonable fees with specialists, and maintaining facilities and equipment used by the providers. Members may cancel by submitting a written letter to 915 N. Pines Rd., Spokane Valley, WA 99206. There is a $65 processing fee that will be charged.

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